Too much night, again

Posted on May 2, 2013

I visit the South London Gallery often but this usually involves me entering the cafe, eating delicious cake and then leaving. I rarely see any actual art and I realise this is shameful. In my defence, it’s close to my house and I always think – “oh, I’ll be back before the exhibition ends”.

The current exhibition is an installation by Pae White involving a ludicrous amount of acrylic thread and supersize graphic letters. Too Much Night, Again is a little how I imagine a room would look if one of my drawings (particularly those I did during my slightly bonkers architectural diploma years) inhabited a room. It’s graphic and bold but elegant and totally fascinating. There’s a video of the installation here. The exhibition runs until 12 May.

I also love the wooden floor in this space, particularly the way it curves down towards the doors at the back of the room. I know it’s a bit architect geek, but how beautiful!

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