Posted on Jul 18, 2013

On a day in July when my youngest child didn’t have chickenpox and my husband and I were fancy free, we popped to the Whitechapel Gallery before going to eat a frightening quantity of steak at Hawksmoor.

The Whitechapel Gallery was remodelled in 2009 by Belgian architects Robbrecht en Daem – the kind of architectural intervention that architects (me included) love and others may feel was a lot of money on not much building. The gallery now has many of the beautiful features of the original 1901 building with lots of light, improved circulation and lovely finishes. It’s still a pretty confusing building to work your way round, or maybe I was just befuddled by the current exhibition ‘The Spirit of Utopia’ which may have been a little highbrow for me. It did include potters making pots, and some funny stuff by Peter Liversidge (if you go to that link things won’t become any clearer at all, but I guess it’s helpful to incentivise you to actually visit the gallery). It also had some worms living in a box.

Anyway, the point is it’s beautiful architecture. And it’s free!
And yes, I agree, someone should iron that sofa cover.




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