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In a feat of blinkered vision, it turns out I drove past Shrimpy’s twice a day for two weeks in June. Granted I was focused on traversing London without killing a cyclist, and had a Mike the Knight DVD playing at maximum volume into my left ear, but still.

Last weekend we thought we’d break out of our south east London bubble and investigate the new bits around the Regent’s Canal which have been transformed as part of King’s Cross being redesigned. There’s a lovely open square which has amazing fountains laid out in grids that pulse and spray in patterns. Of course, the day in July that we chose to take our 1 year old and take off all his clothes was the only day that’s been even vaguely chilly. And of course we’d forgotten any jumpers, or towels. And the 1 year old can barely walk and isnt terribly interested in water features, but don’t worry! There’s a towpath!

So we walked along the towpath which was very pleasant, and has some ramps up to the surrounding roads which would be really useful for a family pushing two buggies if they hadn’t just carried both buggies up a massive flight of stairs.

Then, Shrimpy’s! We were hungry to the point of grumpiness and needed a place suitable for our small chaotic bundle of humans. I had clocked Shrimpy’s and recalled seeing it in architectural journals. It does cocktails and decent food so we presumed it would be way too cool for us. But luckily it was half empty, and let’s face it with two kids in tow a good place for lunch that doesn’t actually have many people in it is like Christmas in mid-July.

My husband almost had a coronary at the idea that a ‘no frills’ bar meant there was no lemonade and they didn’t take cash, but as I said he was very hungry and possibly a little dehydrated. Then we had a seafood bucket and cider. It was good.

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  1. Hugo
    August 2, 2013

    Just love this, Jess. Every time husband gets a mention, there is something funny going on! keep it coming – more pics of Syria too, please. I have some in my fbook bank from 2005 – take a look. Big love x x


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